Adult Review: Secret Santa - Janelle Denison, Isabel Sharpe, Jennifer LaBrecque

Secret Santa

Title: Secret Santa
Authors(s): Janelle Denison, Isabel Sharpe, Jennifer LaBrecque
Publisher: Mills & Boon UK
Format: Paperback,
Rating: ★★★★
My Copy: I borrowed a copy of this novel from my local Library.

Amanda Creighton has always been the epitome of good - until the day her inner vixen convinces her to tease the office bad boy with a gift he can't possibly resist...
HE'D BETTER WATCH OUT! by Janelle Denison

When her Secret Santa leaves Cathy Ann Johnson barely-there lingerie, she can't help but think the gift comes with an invitation to model it. So she seduces Santa - the wrong Santa...

Tatiana Allen believes in giving her job as a restaurant critic her all. Heck, she's even working over the holidays! So how does she end up with Cole in her stocking?
MISTLETOE MADNESS by Jennifer LaBrecque
Secret Santa is a novel filled with three very stunning hot festive reads all of which are incredible.
He'd better watch out - Janelle Denison
Janelle Denison's books just fasinate me the more I read them and Amanda Creighton was definately one of her best characters!
Amanda is Christians secret santa and vise versa. They both put alot of though into their gifts for one another, the main one is though each other!
The Nights before Christmas - Isabel Sharpe
Cathy Ann was such a fun character to read about she was so enjoyable and honest! One of my favourite scenes has to be when she turns up at Quinns apartment in the sexy red lingerie she's received from her secret santa who she thought was from Quinn.... When's she's trying to take her jumper off but gets it stuck!
Cathy Ann is such a normal down to earth character, she's just fab! And ofcourse so is the sexy Mr Quinn!
Mistletoe Madness - Jennifer LaBrecque
Tatiana and Cole are two of the best characters I've ever read about! They are two amazingly written characters. This is definately one scorching read!
All three stories were brilliant! I loved each and every single page, I just wish it was next christmas again so I could get back into the festive mood!
What did you think of the review? Do you wish it was christmas again? What's your favourite christmas read?

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