Cover Reveal: A Little Bit of Madness by Sheryl Browne

Ohhh I've been wanting to put this up for ages!! (Especially cause of the question below) BUT If you haven't heard of this book before do not panic! I know for a fact you'll love it! :)
Book Bio:

Celia Summers loves her job as an art therapist at The Harbour Rest Home, even if her partner, Martin, is disparaging of her efforts.
Martin, a solicitor, made speculative investments and needs to get his hands on his mother’s assets, her home, Charlton Hall, to bail himself out of debt. In order to sell the house, he has to get Rosemary re-housed at The Harbour Rest Home and tries to get Celia on his side with a fabrication of lies.
Meanwhile, Celia fights for gallery space for her charges’ artwork, and to keep The Harbour from being closed.
Police Constable Alex Burrows, son of Colonel Burrows, comes to her rescue when she crashes her car. Alex turns out to be considerate and caring with a witty, wicked, sense of humour, which makes Celia laugh, though when she learns of the circumstances surrounding his the loss of his wife, she wants to cry. She ignores his reputation as a womaniser. His trying to influence his father’s Will though, she can’t. Alex, who little by little has stolen her heart, appears to be just as much a liar as Martin.
Despite all efforts, The Harbour is doomed to closure. Celia decides to take Rosemary home and forestall Martin’s plan to sell Charlton Hall. Celia is soon joined by the rest of her elderly independents, who rally together to stop Martin evicting them. Colonel Burrows is ready to thrash the enemy to death with his walking stick when his son arrives in his uniform. Alex explains that Colonel Burrows is the buyer of Charlton Hall and finally does what he’s been trying to do for ages: ask Celia to marry him.
A LITTLE BIT OF MADNESS - releases Valentine’s Day 2013
And the bit I've been waiting for, Every stop along the cover release has a different question.... ours is....  
What is the most romantic gift you've given?
Sheryl’s answer:
An un-birthday card and a pair of handcuffs. He was feeling a bit mid-life…ish. What can I say?

My Answer:
Ohh... I've given? Hard question! I gave an ex a tiny heart with our initials on it... Quite simple but he carries it in his wallet.. so I still hear ;)
Soo..... what is the most reomantic thing you've given? Come on don't be shy! Spill the beans! :)
Author Bio:
Sheryl Browne grew up in Birmingham, UK, where she studied Art & Design.

A partner in her own business, a mother and a foster parent to disabled dogs, Sheryl has also been writing for many years, the road along the way often bumpy. She was therefore thrilled beyond words when Safkhet Publishing loved her writing style and commissioned her to write her debut novel.
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So what do you think? Are you interested in a Little Bit of Madness?



  1. Uh-oh, he's still carrying a torch for you, Kerry Ann. Bless.:)

    Thank you so much for hosting me today. Totally thrilled to be here - especially as I see you have men in uniform!! Haw, haw. Love it! Have a lovely day today! I will be back (oh, no, says Kerry Ann). xx

  2. Hi Kerry-Ann. Love that gift you gave your ex. It is a keepsake after all :)

    Thank you for hosting Sheryl today.

  3. Great post!! My husband made me a wood carving with our initials in it one anniversary!


    1. Haw, haw, beats carving it in a tree, Mandy. #madewithlove Awww, bless. :) Thanks for stopping by! :) xx

  4. Jeeez, I've never given a romantic gift, my ex wasn't worth it and my man doesn't appreciate. If I could give it would be to take him away to a hotel for a romantic weekend in the country. He'd be happy as long as he could watch cricket or rugby. Ha Ha.

  5. And if he got to watch the cricket or rugby, he'd love you more than his team. I know what you mean, Kit. Closest my man ever came to blinking romantically at me was when I took hot mulled wine in a flask to a boxing day rugby match. Should we trade them in, do you think? Um, maybe not. Not sure a new model would be any better! Thanks so much for stopping by! :) xx

  6. I don't know if I've done anything particularly romantic, did once book 4 days in Rome as a birthday surprise. Does that count?

  7. That counts! Um, but you did book it for someone else other than yourself, right? Nice one, Sue! Did he appreciate it though? My man (self-employed) would probably say, but what about work?! Or the rugby fixture? Then I might have to kill him. Eeek, can this be used as intention to...?

  8. I think 4 days in Rome is an amazingingly romantic gesture!! Unless Sue went with her best friend and it was a girlie party... love that cover Sheryl!