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Today marks The Childes two year anniversary! The Childe is an amazing, brilliant novel which I have loved since reading the very first page and I know there are numerous people who agree. Not only do we get this amazing novel we also get the chance to say we've talked to the two very amazing authors of The Child Series. Carol and Adam Kunz, who are so nice, helpful and down right genuine people! This video is for YOU guys! WE LOVE YOU! :)

 MASSIVE thanks to the bloggers and readers who took part in the video and also an even bigger thanks to the authors for writing such amazing novels that can brighten up our whole days! :)

Carol & Adam

About the Author

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A total love of all things supernatural is what inspired this fifty-four year young mom and her twenty-six year old son to put this story on paper. Carol Kunz was born in New Ferry, England. Her interest in the supernatural was first sparked upon meeting a ghost at the age of eight. As a teenager, she was always fascinated by the mythology behind vampires, werewolves and witches. Being an avid reader, Carol finds it easy to spend several hours wrapped up in a great fantasy novel. Adam Kunz was born in Newport News, Virginia. Growing up, he was a huge fan of creature features and books about things that go bump in the night. When he is not busy writing, Adam enjoys his job at a certain theme park in Orlando, Florida as a d├ęcor consultant. This job brings him face to face with all sorts of nightmarish creatures, especially when he decorates the haunted houses for the park's annual Halloween event. Carol and Adam currently reside forty-five minutes away from each other in the sunny state of Florida. The Childe is their debut novel.
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The Childe

Cat Colvin
Average teenager?
Or something else entirely?

Cat Colvin is pretty much your typical run-of-the-mill teenager. Sure, she's taller than most girls, has a mane of fiery red hair that's impossible to tame, is left-handed, and her eyes are two different colors, but that's where the differences end . . . unless you include the minor detail of her slow transformation into a Childe.

High school can definitely be challenging, and for Cat it's no different. This is especially true when she's faced with the daunting task of trying to hide her budding Childe traits as they begin to reveal themselves at the most inopportune times. To make matters worse, her family is oddly dead set against Ryan, the boy she grows to like. But everyone has their secrets: is Ryan really what he seems to be, and what is Cat's family not telling her?

Dark Days

Surviving tenth grade is the least of Cat Colvin's worries. Cat Colvin wants more than anything to just be an "average" teenager and blend in, but having found out the secret of her adoption has Cat questioning her entire life. Unfortunately, there are much deeper and darker secrets being withheld from her that may prove to threaten her very existence. Cat will be forced to make a choice: stay in Astoria and possibly endanger all that she loves, or flee and hide amongst her kind.

Since it is The Childes two year anniversary I am giving you the chance to win a Kindle copy of the novel and some C.A. Kunz swag! To be in with a chance of winning all you need to do is follow the Rafflecopter instructions. :) Open internationally, Winner will be contacted and will have 48 hours to reply to the email before a new winner is picked! GOOD-LUCK!

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Have you read any of the authors novels? Are you a fan of The Childe Series?

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