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Title: Never Alone
Author: Linn B Halton
Published: December 5th 2012
Rating: ★★★
My Copy: I received a copy of this novel from the author in exchange for an honest review. (For part of the blog tour hosting by Fiction Addiction Blog Tours)
About the Book:
Holly is the envy of all her friends; she has lived with the gorgeous Will for five years. She supported him whilst his IT company grew and a life split between homes in the UK and Los Angeles beckons, offering them a glamorous and exciting lifestyle.

A series of terrifying encounters unleashes an inherited psychic sensitivity within Holly and she begins to wonder whether the path she’s on is the one she’s destined to take. The thought of hurting the people she loves the most causes her to bury her emotions, until fate takes a hand. Suddenly her perfect life begins to unravel…

“It’s a gift to be shown something that allows you to make a difference and alter the outcome of someone else’s life. However, the weight of the responsibility that goes along with that is huge and what about the ethics? The thing I have to ask myself is how did my actions change the future?” Holly Elizabeth Atherton
I loved it, I was unable to put it down from start to finish! I'm not gonna lie yeah it sorta scared me at the start... when reading it.. alone in the house! BUT I'm a scaredy cat! ;) Linn B Halton has wrote a brilliant novel which will stay with a reader for ages after reading it!
The characters and scenes were so descriptive you coulsn't help but picture them in your head. I cannot wait to read more of the authors novels.
Guest Post:

The fun part about being a writer is that sometimes the story takes you where it wants to go. You start with a simple idea and before long your fingers are flying around the keyboard.

Never Alone
was one of those stories. It knew where it was going before I did – crazy, but true. But it was also a journey. Life isn’t easy at times and it’s seldom straightforward. We all have problems and it’s tempting to glance at other people and imagine they don’t have the same struggles. However, appearances are often deceiving and it’s the side of things we don’t see that tells the true life story.


Holly Elizabeth Atherton
is one of those people. Everyone thinks of her as a golden girl with a golden life. Ironically, she thought so too, until a psychic experience sets off a chain reaction.
This is in essence a love story, but it deals with a lot of issues. Holly has lived her life pleasing those around her; her parents, then her partner. She has never taken the opportunity to stand back and look at the bigger picture. Is the life she has, the one that’s right for her? Suddenly she’s able to view it in an entirely different way, but is it too late? Life IS all about the choices we make. How different would her life be if, at key moments, she had stepped off the path she is on and taken another one?
When her psychic sensitivity allows her to intervene and save her brother’s life, was she meant to step in because that was his fate, to survive? As her perfect life unravels, we find a very different person beneath that façade.
Holly is essentially a very strong young woman, but in many ways she’s had a very ‘safe’ and sheltered existence. It means she’s never had to call on her inner reserves, until now…
It all seems surreal as I place my hand on the rail and my foot on the first tread. I look up into what appears to be a cavernous, shadowy hole looming over my head. I see the shape of Celia disappearing at the top of the staircase into the grey light beyond. With each step I take I have to fight this extraordinary desire to turn and run back out into the warm sunshine. Only a few minutes ago we were standing outside and it seemed like any other working day. Inside it’s another world entirely. A world where sad things happen, have happened and probably will happen again. Unless someone can
stop it, whatever it is. One thing I know for sure, the Hayworths had a difficult life here. It dawns on me that feeling safe is something I take for granted.

I continue to follow Celia from room to room. When I enter the master bedroom ensuite, I suddenly feel an overwhelming sense of isolation. I look around and she’s nowhere to be seen. I call her name, but there’s no reply and I can’t stop the panic that grips me in a menacing way. I run down the stairs, through the hallway and out into the open. The fresh air is invigorating and I find myself taking huge gulps to fill my lungs. For some reason I seem to have been holding my breath. I have no idea for how long, but the air out here is sweet and clean; inside the house it felt dense and sickly.

Celia suddenly appears next to me with a worried frown on her face and it’s clear she’s puzzled by my odd behaviour. I can’t blame her, because none of this makes any sense to me either.

“You’re not OK, are you?” She peers at me suspiciously. “Are you coming down with the ’flu or something?”

“No, I have a bit of a headache, that’s all. I thought I heard someone at the front door, a tapping.” I’m floundering for some sort of plausible excuse, but Celia is already turning the key in the lock and pulling shut the outer door. The sense of relief that washes over me is intense.

“Come on, you,” she places a protective arm around me. “Let’s get you back to the office. A strong coffee and a few biscuits will soon pep you up.” She’s smiling, despite the concern in her eyes. She’s the sister I never had.
Thank you Kerry Ann for being a part of the Fiction Addiction Book Tour to celebrate the release of Never Alone. If only virtual tours were real – I’d be having fun and clocking up those air miles!

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  1. Thank you for such a lovely review Kerry-Ann and sorry it was a bit scary. I base my novels on psychic experiences that I've actually experienced myself. I WAS that estate agent and yes, I could have been sacked!

  2. Glad you enjoyed Never Alone.

    Thank you for being a part of the tour Kerry-Ann.