Free Kindle Download: Clara's Hollywood Audition - Ruby Madden

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About the book:
This is an erotic short story, part 2 of a series.

It’s the early 90’s in L.A. and Clara Owen is a confident, somewhat gregarious, sometimes shy, sexy, plus-size woman in her mid-20’s who is discovering just how many truly appreciate, admire, adore or lust after her ample, round, and curvy physique. A green-eyed, strawberry blonde with super soft luminous pale skin – she has the face of a movie star, the laugh of a Queen, and a silly, playful nature.

Endlessly curious about sex, notoriously voyeuristic, a true sensualist and an appreciator of the erotic - one never quite knows what scheme she is plotting next. Somewhat oblivious to her own power, she’s an Alpha female discovering her unique influence and effect over others. She unwittingly and easily dominates by sheer presence, allowing others to do her sweet, sensual and diverse biddings.

Clara’s Hollywood Audition is the continuation of Clara’s Hollywood Orgy and is her invitation deeper into the entertainment community. Clara is given a unique task to complete as the new-found pet for a very influential and powerful Master who mostly has her best interests at heart. More of her inner erotic realm and day to day world is revealed as she is lured deeper into Sir Vlad’s private life where he can make use of her for his own personal kinky pleasure and enjoyment.
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