Author Guest Post: Karen Swart

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About the author: Karen lives in small town in the North West Province of South Africa. Her novels include:
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A Day in my Writing World
Well my writing day starts off with coffee, and a lot of it. From there I hit my playlist on full volume. I love to write with music and it helps me set the different moods that I need to write on. My playlist consist of a lot of music, from symphonic metal to pop. As long as it gets me moving I love it.
I start off by playing this scenes in my head, I don't really plan my writing I mostly watch the movie playing in my head and start typing it down. Kasadya has a way of totally dominating my thoughts. Even doing other daily stuff she is running around my head creating more scenes for the next day's writing.
I finish my day off with editing of the work I did. Then I hit the save button and starts my progress on my writing schedule. I set goals just like other authors to try and get the next novel out on the date planned, keep in mind editing always messes this up.
And that's my writing day.

What do you think of the authors writing day? Have you read any of her novels?

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