Author Interview: Cindy Springsteen

A massive thanks to the author for taking the time out to answer some questions. :)
About the author:
Cindy Springsteen has wrote two childrens novels.
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~ Can you share with readers your latest news?
I am working on many different things right now. There will be more Waffles and Pancakes books in the future. I am also working on my first novel which will hopefully be published this summer.
~ Tell us a bit about your latest book?
The next Waffles and Pancakes book will most likely be a Lesson in Stranger Danger. The boys and the hamsters will encounter some trouble while out at the park.
~ Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?
Don't give up. If your dream is to write keep writing. I never thought I would see two of my books published. It took me a lot of years to make it happen, but I didn't give up. Also research your publishing companies carefully. There are many out there who are not legitimate and take advantage of the author. I was extremely lucky to have found Anchor Group. Get feedback from other authors and don't sign anything unless your positive it is right for you.
Top 5 Authors and why:
Nicholas Sparks
James Patterson
VC Andrews
Barbara Delinsky
All Anchor Group Authors
I could never choose just five top authors. I read so many books and there is too much talent out there to limit to five. I love when an author pulls me into a story, makes me not want to put it down and gets me mad when it's over. If a book does this to me then they are a top author.

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