Author Interview & Flash Fiction: Wendi Zwaduk

A massive thanks to Wendi for taking the time out to answer some questions plus wrote the amazing flash fiction below for all of us! :)

Wendi Zwaduk

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 ~ Thanks so much for taking the time out to answer some questions, How are you?

Im great! Sitting here at the computer getting to talk to you. Pretty rad stuff!

~ Can you share with us your latest news?

My first ever ménage and more just released from Total-E-Bound Publishing, entitled, Until the Night. MMFM. Always fun! (available here: Im working on at least three more stories and cant wait to share them with you!!

~ Where do you get most of your inspiration from?

Depends. I can find inspiration in just about anything. For example, we bought paint for the one room of the house. Now buying paint is pretty boring, but the gent who was behind the counter mixing said paint? Holy cow! So tasty. And my mind wandered. If a woman came in for paint and happened to know him, where would things go? I grabbed the paint chip paper to take with me so I wouldnt forget my idea. He was a nice guy and Im running with that inspirational moment. Grin.

~ Where is your favourite place to write about?

Cleveland, Ohio. People tend to rag on Cleveland as being boring and dirty, but its pretty cool if you go investigating and exploring. Weve got two great stadiums baseball and American football, plus a fantastic aquarium, plenty of distinctive eateries, the zoo which is always a font of ideas, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Lots of great places to visit.

~ What advice would you give to aspiring authors?

Never quit. Really. It takes a seriously thick skin in this business. One persons “I loved it” is another persons “This is garbage.” And your ego can take a big hit. But never give up. The moment you give up, you give in to the haters. Write whats in your heart and keep trying. Youll learn, fall down and have some not fun points, but it will be worth it.

Guess that wasnt one piece of advice, but I like to chatter, so I tend to overshare. Grin.

~ Out of all the front covers on your novels, which is your favourite?

Hmm. I like the less is more mentality on Play to Him ( 

Play to Him Sexy and understated. But, I love racing. So, my second two favorites would be a tie between Ever Fallen in Love (

Ever Fallen In Love

and Still the One ( Grin. Ive got a serious weakness for race car drivers.

Still The One

~ Are any of your characters experiences based on your own?

Yes! Ive been to plenty of races and been in a couple of race vehicles. I love to incorporate that into my stories. Spent time on pit road during a race or two and have visited the race shops to take LOTS of notes.

~ What's the best thing a fan has ever said to you?
"You have got to write Mindy, Arran and Sav’s story after Tangled Up. GOT TO.”

~ What book are you currently reading and what would you rate it out of 5?

I just finished Lora Leighs Wild Card. Ive read that one about five times. Id give it a solid 5 because theres so much emotion in it. I fall in love with Nathan every time.

~ Is there anything I haven't asked which you wish I had?

How many fingers am I holding up?

Four. Didnt think I could see you, did you?

Flash Favourites:
Colour: Blue any colour of blue
TV Series/Season: Oy! Hm... CSI, CSI Miami (but its defunct) and Law and Order either the original L&A or L&A: UK. Love all those.

Re-read:Grisham not a romance, but hey, its a good book. J
Actor: Ewan MacGregor. YUM
Actress: Dont think I have one. I like too many to name, but none really stick out.
Film: Field of Dreams. I could watch this one over and over and over.

Flash Fiction:
Waiting by Wendi Zwaduk
Copyright 2013 Wendi Zwaduk
I love my husband. I do. We have an unconventional relationship. We both work and outside the house, we seem normal. We are normal, but once the bedroom door closes, all bets are off. Hes my Master and Im his willing Pet. Did I mention willing? Yeah, I am.
He sent me a text this morning telling me wed play when he got home. I did as he askedleft my hair loose, stripped nude, and waited on our bed with the rope in my teeth. When he arrived home, he placed me in the position he wanted, used the rope to bind me, then left me with my back to the door.
He left!
Part of our play has to do with patience. He does whatever he feels I need, then leaves me to think and wait for him. As much as I complain, I love it. The cuffs bite into my wrists and my feet are tingling from my position. Still, I stay put. I wanted him to make the bindings more elaborate, to pinch my breasts between the black cords or to slide the nylon over my pussy.
I tilt my head and listen for any slight noise from the other room to clue me in that its time to play. My skin sizzles and excitement runs through my veins. I cant wait to play. Cant wait to feel his studded paddle on my ass. I bite back a moan. Just thinking about what he might do to me turns me on.
"My naughty Pet needs her picture taken.”
I hear my husbands voice behind me, but until hed spoken I didnt realize he was back there. A picture taken? Oh fuck, yeah. I hold my shoulders back and keep my head erect. I love when he takes my picture. The final product is always so erotic.
The flash pops and illuminates the wall. How many photos will he take? Im not sure. I want to look over my shoulder at him. I want to see the lust in his eyes while hes behind the camera, but I dont. I hold still. I know the reward will be worth it.
Something behind me clicks and the flashes stop. I hear his footsteps padding on our thick carpet and wonder what hes doing.
My husband strolls to the head of the bed and sits down before me, blissfully naked. I drink in the sight of his chiseled body, his hair with the slight wave curling over his forehead and the glint in his sparkling blue eyes. His dimple shows when he smiles and the piercing in his left pec twinkles in the light. I long to taste him. To feel his hands on my body. I shiver with anticipation. So many ideas and all night to play.
"Ive decided not to use the still camera,” he says, then nods behind me. “Were using the video camera tonight. I want to capture our play for viewing later.”
I dont dare look, but fever overtakes my body. I cant wait.

Omg Wasn't it amazing?? I could have kept on reading! What about you? What did you think of the interview? :)