Author Interview: Sean Austin

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~ Can you tell readers abit about -
~ yourself?
I pretty much grew up in the streets of Kabul, Afghanistan. My friends and I had lot of crazy adventures which my parents never knew about. Had they known what we were up to, they probably would not have allowed us out on our own. After I returned to the States I studied science and visual arts in college, which led me into film production and supervising a series of simulation productions culminating in the IMAX 3D Race for Atlantis ride simulation at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. At the moment, I'm trying to develop another immersive form of entertainment with the Echo's Revenge novel and website series, utilizing all of my adventure and technical production experience.
~ your writing journey/history so far?
For years I wrote simulation entertainment while producing for IMAX, Hitachi, Universal Studios and other companies. Even though it's entertainment, writing simulation experiences is extremely technical and has to take into account additional concerns such as minimizing the possibility of motion sickness and motion continuity as well as drama and character development for the narrative. It's the most complicated form of writing imaginable because it requires an understanding of content creation, engineering, acoustics, and high definition motion picture production.
~ your novel (s)?
As a result of years of simulation production, I can't help but try to make my novels visual and kinetic. At the same time, I keep them as realistic as possible because I find realism so much more compelling and visceral. This novel series is also a bit experimental in that I use perspective shifts freely and introduce information which may not become fully appreciated until the parallel novel, The Other Side" comes out. The second novel is like a parallel level because it compliments everything that happens in the first novel, but adds the game designers' experience which is what caused everything to spiral out of control. The first two novels work together from multiple viewpoints. The third novel continues from Reggie's point of view.
~ Have you always wanted to be an author?
I've always loved to read, but never really thought about writing until I had the idea to do this series and felt that the story had to be told. While writing the first two novels (the second is due out
in May, 2013) I've enjoyed the process enormously, so I plan to write five more novels in this series.
~ Where do you get your inspiration from?
I keep up with a lot of technology break-throughs in engineering, the physical sciences and computer science. I've always been interested in the process of creating something that's never been done before and the unimaginable consequences new technologies can sometimes produce. While producing a simulation project we did some experiments stimulating emotional responses, and some of the techniques we discovered were extremely powerful. Applications for this discovery were unimaginable as they could be used for purposes other than entertainment; however, this work was discontinued due economic constraints. It would be interesting to follow this research to see where it could lead. Inevitably, I'll include a storyline in the Echo's Revenge series about this mechanism.
~ Do you have a motto when writing?
The process has to be enjoyable, otherwise the product has no life. So I make writing a life style with a predicatable rhythm to allow for discovery and unpredictable invention.
This way, it's always exciting because it's a process of discovery, feels meaningful, and produces an exciting reading experience.
~ Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?
Pick an audience and write for that audience, but give them something in a tone only you could think of. There is so much derivative work being produced today given the frightening economic state of the publishing industry. For this reason, there is less innovation in the field of literature today. The best work I read is by authors who take risks- their work is worth reading because of their sense of adventure while being true to their own voice.
~ Is there anything specific you'd like to say to readers?
Thank you for being so responsive to the first novel in the series! I never imagined how enthusiastic readers would be for Echo's Revenge. Please leave comments and questions at the websites, and spread the word!
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