Book Review: Don't Forget to Remember Me - Kahlen Aymes

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Title: Don't Forget to Remember Me
Series: The Remembrance Trilogy #2
Author: Kahlen Aymes
Publisher: Telemachus Press
Published: August 2012
Format: Kindle
Rating: ★★★★★
My Copy: I purchased a copy of this novel!

About the book:

Ryan Matthews has everything he ever wanted. Close to graduation from Harvard Medical School and on the verge of marrying his gorgeous and accomplished girlfriend, Julia Abbott, his dreams are about to come true and all of their sacrifice is finally at it’s end.

When tragedy strikes, their relationship is hurled into turmoil that leaves Ryan devastated. His sorrow drives him to keep his distance yet leaves him aching; consumed with desire and love he refuses to let manifest.

Julia is inexplicably drawn to Ryan and longs to build a future with him, but his agony over the loss of the heart-stopping memories she no longer shares with him, leaves him unable to trust that she could truly love him without the brilliant past he clings to.

When love so unforgettable has been forgotten, can Ryan find enough faith to believe that Julia’s heart will remember, even when her mind can’t?

The second book of The Remembrance Trilogy follows Ryan and Julia's quest to rebuild their stunning past. An incredibly beautiful and heart-breaking romance, full of passion, intensity and truly immeasurable love that will leave you spellbound, breathless and longing for more...
Book Review:
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Anyone who knows me knows how much I am in love with this series but seriously a question directed to the author! Were you seriously tryna push me over the edge with this book? Cause you nearly did! I couldn't stop reading it.. Don't Forget To Remember Me is absolutely fantastic-lly written! ;) No books in the world gets better than this series!
When reading this book my emotions were taking over.. quite literally! I was crying one minute and laughing the next, Kahlen Aymes really sends us on an emotional roller coaster doesn't she? Although that roller-coaster is the best reading experience ever!
Honestly I didn't think after reading book 1 in the trilogy that books could get even better but I was entirely wrong!
Don't Forget To Remember Me started exactly where The Future of Our Past ended so we're not missing anything which is great.. for us the reader... not so much for Ryan! *sob*
I nearly broke my phone a few times while reading this as I was gripping my phone the way I would a paperback so.. don't read on a device if your a book gripper lol.
I hate sharing these books.. because they mean so much to me! More than any other books I've ever read.. and there so close to my heart! Kahlen Aymes is an amazing author, and I say that is nearly everyone of my review but Kahlens writing grips the readers attention with her characters so that the story is an amazing story. It's not just a novel.. it's an absolute addiction and I would surely lost without it! THANK YOU for writing your books! :)

*Last little input! I LOVE YOUR RYAN!! (And Julia... I mean you got to don't you?) Even thought it's annoying sometimes when you realise Ryan's not real... :-/

PLEADING with the author... I soo want to read about Ellie... OR Aaron and Jen... Their stories would be amazing to read! PRETTY PLEASE???? :)

I love these characters and I so don't want this series to end! :( I'l be completely, utterly heart broken when it does! :(
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