Book Review: Someone Else's Life - Katie Dale

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Title:  Someone Else's Life
Author: Katie Dale
Publisher:  Simon & Schuster
Published: February 2012
Format: Paperback
My Copy: I borrowed this of sister +Megan McDade (Which she's not getting back)

About the book:
How can you face your future when your past it a lie? When Rosie Kenning's mother, Trudie, dies from Huntingdon's disease, her whole world falls apart. Not only does Rosie desperately miss her mum, but now she has to face the fact that she could have inherited the fatal illness herself. Until she discovers that Trudie wasn't her biological mother at all ...Rosie is stunned. Can this be true? Is she grieving for a mother who wasn't even hers to lose? And if Trudie wasn't her mother, who is? But as Rosie delves into her past to discover who she really is, she is faced with a heart-breaking dilemma - to continue living a lie, or to reveal a truth that will shatter the lives of everyone around her...
Book Review:
Someone Else's Life takes you on an emotional journey like no other. It will have you smiling, crying and laughing all at the same time.
The pull between the characters is extraordinary and all play an individual part no matter how long their in it. The author has wrote a novel that will stay with stay with me forever and has made me see what's really important in life.
It doesn't matter if your blood related.... A husband and wife fall in love.... just like a child and it's parent!
Without talking to much about the book cause I really don't want to giveaway spoilers or really like I normally do the whole book. This book really needs to be credited as I don't really YA... until now! Since reading it I've been well and truly bitten by  the YA genre and especially New Adult...
I am super excited to see what's next for the authors and which novel I'll be additively attached to next!
If there is a book to read in your lifetime... THIS IS IT!
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