Author Interview: Carole Matthews

The following author is absolutely amazing at doing what she does! Her writing will make you want to climb into her books and I'm super duper excited to have asked a few questions! THANK YOU to Carole Matthews for taking the time out! :)

About the author:
Over 4 million copies sold worldwide and 22 books in 16 years! Carole Matthews is definately at the top of the book charts for her comedy romance. Writing novels that will stay with you even after reading... Read more about her here:
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Author Interview:
~ Can you tell readers about your latest novel A Cottage by the Sea?

It’s a story of three friends, Grace, Ella and Flick, who get together to reconnect with a week’s holiday in a cottage by the sea - not realising that the week will change their lives for ever.

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~ What inspired you to write it? 

We went on holiday with a group of friends to Pembrokeshire in our very own cottage by the sea. I love studying group dynamics and, by the end of the week, I’d come up with the story.

~ You've written 22 books in 16 years, What's your secret? Are you superwoman?

This is how I earn my living, so I work from about eight in the morning to six at night every weekday. If I stayed off Facebook and Twitter, I could probably find time to do another one!

~ Out of all your books which one has been your favourite to write?
Definitely The Chocolate Lovers’ Club. I did a year’s research into chocolate. What’s not to love?

~ What's a typical writing day like for you?

I spend the first part of the day answering email, then I write until lunchtime. I have an hour for lunch and then write again in the afternoon. It’s not exciting, but you have to put your botty on the chair long enough to produce 120,000 words.

~ What's one key piece of advice you would give to aspiring authors?

Don’t be in too much of a rush to publish. Keep writing and writing to get better at it. Don’t just dash something off and think, that’ll do.

~ Who is your favourite author and why?
I love historical novels and Philippa Gregory is my favourite author, particularly her Tudor novels.

~ Is there anything in particular you'd like to say to readers? 
I’m just so grateful that I’ve had really loyal readers over the years who have always dashed out to buy my books. Because of that, I have a brilliant job. I never take that for granted.

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