Book Review: My Fake Fiance - Lisa Scott

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Title: My Fake Fiance
Author: Lisa Scott
Format:  Kindle
My Copy: I downloaded a Free Kindle copy on here.

About the book:

Short story #1 from the Wedding Flirts! collection (13,000 words.)

When Samantha’s invited to a frenemey’s wedding, she can’t show up dateless and pathetic—even though she is dateless and pathetic. So, Sam hires a hottie to pose as her perfect fiancé. But when he needs her to return the favor, Sam starts wishing the fake relationship was real. Can they turn their lies into love?


My Fake Fiance is a quick, fun, flirty short story! With just 38 pages you will fly through reading it and want to read more by the end.

I loved Samantha and Justin and could have read more! I will definitely be reading more of the authors other writing.

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What do you think of My Fake Fiance? Have you read any other stories by Lisa Scott?

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