In May... then in June!


May was an amazing month for Reading A Little Bit of Everything! I've interviewed, had guest posted  some of the most incredible authors and even reviewed some of the BEST books of this year! (so far!) This month was also themed *Fiction Month* so all month long I'v been highlighting my favourite authors and books everyday! and I think it's been awesome! There have also been quite a few good giveaways to that are going on so instead of having to search the whole blog for all the posts why not have a good gawk below instead! I've everything all layed out easily into separate wee bits! :)

This month I've:


Guest Posted:



Waow! As you can see May was quite an incredible month wouldn't you agree? I mean look at who I've interviewed! Yikes! How can I make June even better... (If it's possible?) Nothing can compare close to how amazing May was on the blog but... maybe.. just maybe.. it may be quite awesome to!?? Hmm.... Any ideas?? ;)

I've actually something planned for June and it's themed AGAIN! I love my themed months don't I? It's called Smut Review Fest! Everyday there is going to be an author spotlight and three reviews of books by that author! Sounds awesome doesn't it? There are also a few release blitz scheduled to! It's called.... 20 Days of Smut! Check it out here:

I'll be reviewing books by the likes of Lucy Felthouse, KD Grace, Victoria Blisse, Kay Jaybee, Tabitha Rayne & MORE!
NOT ONLY THAT but.. the review fest will not last the whole month *sob* because.. I won't be here on the 21... 22... or the 23... or even the 24! Nopes.. on the 22 June I'll be in the same room as a few of those authors mentioned above! Yep! Not even fibbing! ;) That's why this month is SMUT month as I'm going to Scarborough! FOR Smut by the Sea! Woohoo!! (I'm already practising not to yell)
SO.. what do you think of May? Do you have any tips on how I can make June or future months better? (If possible) OR do you have any "theme" ideas? I'm thinking maybe in July a Gay Pride Week... celebrating books and authors that write about f/f or m/m OR even.. for more fun! Threesomes! :D What ya think?

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