Introducing Fiction Month!

This post should have been published this month but it wasn't.. Truthfully I only figured out today at lunch time that it was May! I thought I had ages.. apparently NOT! Opps... so needa start paying attention more lol. :)
Similar to my BDSM month I held in February this month (May) is all focused on Fiction! It started off... Best British authors... then... British and Irish authors.. and then really! One of my fave authors has to be from New Zealand doesn't she? I gave up then as I started figuring out I had favourite authors all around the world.. NOT GOOD! So that idea went in the pan but now it's celebrating amazing fiction books and authors! So much better.. wouldn't you agree??
This month is jam packed with things happening and a few of the authors who may be dropping by include... Adele Parks, Leesa Harker, Santa Montefiore, Sarah Louise Smith... Natalie Anderson and Emma Hannigan! I have tears now in my eyes as this is literally a dream come true!
I fell in love with these most amazing books about 3 years ago and I absolutely love them! Getting to email the women that wrote them? It's jaw dropping! Definitely not something to be missed!
There are giveaways, interviews, guest posts, excerpts, reviews and MORE! I know more?? :O
There will be a tab at the top come tomorrow (I'm now gonna stay up all night and make it) where each day will have a post!
Hope you stick around and watch it! :)
Kerry-Ann xx
Excited for the fiction month? Who is your favourite author or what's your fave book?

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