Book Review: Migrations - KD Grace

Title:  Migrations
Author: KD Grace
Publisher: Xcite Books
Published: May 2012
Format: Kindle
My Copy: I received a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review via Writer Marketing Services.

About the book:
Val Hastings, assisted by her do-gooder cousin Sarah Cline, is shanghaied into driving their Aunt Rose across the US to visit her son. What begins as the trip from hell turns into a sexy adventure when they find themselves sharing the interstate with a mysterious, leather-clad biker. Aunt Rose and Sarah are convinced he’s up to no good. But after Val catches him pleasuring himself at a rest area, and he offers her some steamy help to make her journey more enjoyable, she’s convinced he’s her nasty saviour.

Is Hawk, the biker, a murderer, a free spirit, or something else? Whatever he is, animal attraction wins out over caution, as he joins the ladies for a cross-country romp that keeps Sarah and Aunt Rose nervous and Val hotter than her overheating engine.
Book Review:
Migrations is short, sexy and easy to read if your looking for something quick that will have the same lasting effect of a full length novel then Migrations is for you!
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