I admit.. I HAVE a problem.. with Jennifer L. Armentrout!

They say the first step of receiving and accepting help is to admit yourself you actually have a problem. So I'm taking it upon myself to admit now I have a problem and I hope everyone accepts me as it is really quite hard to speak about! I have a real crazy, obsessional, maddening, fan girl problem with.. Jennifer L. Armentrout and her writing..

Signs of this problem you may ask?
  • stomping your foot in the middle of a shop because YOUR OWN SISTER wouldn't listen to how truly amazing Jennifer L. Armentrout is! ('cause she was to busy looking at a One Direction thing UGH hello?)
  • Yelling at your father because he didn't have a clue what a LUXEN was! Like say wha?
  • having a near panic attack with tears because Amazon ran out of Half-Blood in paperback! (WTH??)
  • Not going to sleep in two days because YOU HAVE to stay up and read all the LUX series..
  • Again the following week missing sleep because your too busy reading the Covenant series *le sigh*
  • Crying because you have to wait ONE FRICKING YEAR for the final book in the LUX series.. (Can I sue the author that this is borderline torture?)
  • Having to wait FIVE FRICKING DAYS for the final book in the Covenant series..
  • Putting on about a million stone because you're to upset with waiting and eating buckets of ice-cream while watching Bridget Jones..
  • Not venturing outside of your house for one week because duh reading is more important..
  • Squealing the house down because your sister tells you she has a surprise planned and it's connected to the amazing author I am talking about.. (I quite literally squealed the house down and kept banging my hands like a banshee in excitement)
  • starting to say *gods* instead of your usual word.. *god*
  • writing a blog post describing how obsessed with you are with the authors writing..
I admit I may have a slight problem.. but I'm NOT crazy! Repeat NOT CRAZY!! So I am asking does anyone else out there have the same problem and how do you help yourself? I don't think it's fair that Jennifer L. Armentrout writes such obsessional, addictive, page turning, amazing, hot alien/sentinel characters, perfect love stories, happy tear worthy moments, pouring your heart out as well moments, fantastic scenes, phenoma-bubble stories! Like how does this one woman actually come up with this stuff? Seriously? Maybe I should rein it in a bit now.. eh?

I don't actually wanna force her into getting a restraining order.. so I will tone it down and plead desperately plead! I NEED HELP! Because I can't bare to be away from her books for any amount of time. Maybe I shouldn't post this.. I know Jennifer L. Armentrout will never read this but what if she ever saw this and actually does think I'm nuts oh gods no! I don't want her ever thinking I'm bat shit crazi-fied! *takes deep breaths* as if she'll ever see this! Okay.. heart back to normal pace... :) She will never ever ever see this! (The knowledge of that literally momentarily calms me!) Again I repeat.. I AM NOT CRAZY! ;)

So if you are out there right now and face the same everyday problem! Please get in touch and share your coping mechanisms.. we could help each other? Usually I well read another one of her books.. but it's getting a bit drastic as to where I don't leave my house BECAUSE (highlight the following!) -  ALEX HAS JUST AWAKENED AND IS CONNECTED TO SETH... OH GODS NO! POOR AIDEN! -

I need to go continue reading NOW!

Toodles! :) x x

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