Three year blogoversary and giveaway!

I have been blogging three years TODAY and honestly I cannot believe I've lasted this long OR more to the fact NEARLY lasted this long! Lately I've been a bad blogger, I could blame it on having no internet, starting tech or the weather but that's not all strictly true honestly? I've lost all interest... quite literaly!

I used to read 5-12 books in a week so you may be wondering what am filling my time with well... that would be shopping and shopping and oh more shopping along with buying and reading nearly every fashion and lifestyle mag there is out there. I've also started a new blog which is more swayed towards new interests. Like baking, shopping, clothes, make-up but mostly where I can ramble and ramble because I am a chatterbox!

I am definately getting back to book blogging but really I needa start reading again because it is weird not reading.. I stay up late to watch Housewives of New Jersey/New York or Sex in the City re runs and normally I went to bed to read for like 8 hours.

Has this happened to you in the past? Have you been in reading funk? How did you pull yourself out of it? any books you wanna tell me about?

So much has happened in three years and it's shocking how many amaze ball authors have been on my blog...


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  1. Happy 3rd Blogoversary ! I don't think I've ever had a reading funk , but if nothing new interests me I will re read some favourite series.

  2. Happy Blogoversary! I'm actually in a reading slump now and have been for a few months. I thought once I had finished uni, I would get back into reading but I just can't seem to stick with a book longer than a chapter or so, which completely sucks! Hopefully, it's just a matter of time..

  3. 3 years is amazing. Congratulations!!

    I have a reading funk now & then. I just do other things until a certain book crosses my path & BAM!!

  4. Happy Blogoversary to you!
    I'm familiar with reading funk, it happened to me as well. Usually what I do is read my favorite novels or simply wait it out until a new book grabs my attention.

  5. Congrats on your 3rd blog anniversary! Yes, I have been in a reading funk! It's very weird as I used to be a very avid reader when I was younger. I used to think it was because I had spent too much time reading academic material and then finding myself overwhelmed by reading for fun, but now it happens without any reason that I can place. But then I find myself wanting to read with no rhyme or reason out of the blue and then get addicted for a week or so before I find myself in a funk again! Very strange! Thanks so much for the chance to enter! I hope you get your reading spark running again!