I'M BACK - What are you reading?


I know not many people will read this but I wanted to do a sort of I'm back post! I finally got into a book :D surprise surprise is was the Lux series by Jennifer L. Armentrout! Which I am so loving again btw! Defo a series ya should check out!

I've changed everything around abit and got rid of alot of stuff taking up to much space which makes the place feel more airy... but I like it! :)

For last few months I've no idea what I've done it's like I've had my eyes shut for so long and I've only just reopened them and everything is so much clearer. I was starting to get so stressed from blogging and it was becoming more like a full time job and not a hobby or for some peaceful downtime! I also had a lot of personal things that needed sorting first (but anywho enough of that I think I have a balance worked out now) I have loads of exciting things coming up (well exciting to me) and loads of fun authors as well which I love are going to feature. I have also started Behind that book blog for any book bloggers that want to sign up and take part in a weekly Q&A every Wednesday! :) (tab and sign up form at top)

Phew now thats done! Have you read anything amaze-balls recently that I should check out? I'm really loving myself some hot aliens atm so any fantasy/paranormal books you wanna tell me about would be fab! My favourite genre is New Adult Contemporary Romance but I'm wanting to branch out abit and enjoy so many more books out of my comfort zone. :)

Hope ya have an awesome week ahead! :)

Kerry-Ann xx

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