Review: The Vincent Brothers - Abbi Glines

Title:  The Vicent Brothers
Author: Abbi Glines
Publisher: Hot Key Books
Published: December 2012
Format: Paperback
Rating: ★★★★★
My Copy: I purchased a copy of this novel.

About the book:

Sawyer Vincent is still heartbroken over his breakup with Ashton Gray - made worse because he lost her to his brother - but Lana McDaniel thinks she might just have a cure. Lana's lived in her cousin Ashton's shadow all her life, but now she's taking the lead and is determined to make Sawyer her man. But can she be sure that Sawyer's not just using her to get back at Ashton? And what if Sawyer sees through her new sexy version of herself and discovers the shy, geeky girl she used to be?#

Book Review:

Another hot, addictive, toe-curling, gasping romance book from the amazing Abbi Glines!

Reading Beau and Ashtons story I thought nothing could get better but I should have had more faith in the auhors writing as The Vincent Brothers was just as good if not better... okay just as good we'll stick with.. no ones hotter than Beau...

I couldn't get enough of Sawyer and Lana's story and literally couldn't put the book down! It was a feeling of simply reading page to page! If you haven't read these books or any by this author I suggest you check her writing out as it's addictive!

Sawyer and Lana finally get their happy ending after everything they've been through and I'm so happy for them! I couldn't believe the author added a few extra chapters of 4 and 5 years later. I love when that happens in books and you get to catch up with the characters.

Abbi Glines makes you cry, laugh and smile all at the same time while reading her books but most of all she makes you thoroughly enjoy the story your reading and there really isn't anything better than that. These characters will remain with me forever. They touched my heart especially Lana! I <3 them!

Are you a fan of Abbi Glines? What ytour favourite book by her?

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Kerry-Ann xx

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