What do we do with ARCS?

Recently I had a major book clearout to try and find space in my bedroom, literally books were taking up every surface. On a good day am okay with that but on a bad day? well it was getting quite annoying not being able to put my make-up or perfume anywhere as literally every shelf, drawer, and even my wardrobe was filled with books! NOT CLOTHES or anything else! I had all my clothes folded (not neatly) out on the banister at the top my stairs.. I also had a feeling if they fell one more time because there was so much my mum was going to get a black bin bag and throw everything away which is why I decided to have a book clearout..

A few things I want to point out before I carry on with this..
  • Any books I have received from authors/publisher will NOT be added to the list!
  • Any ARCS I have are defo defo defo not added to the pile!
(See even Snoop likes me for pointing that out!)
I contacted my local library and they said they weren't accepting any new books and I know alot of people will say to me bring them to your local charity shop.. but  the problem with that is my mum and I counted it all up and I've spent well over £300 in the last couple of years on books I've never read, will never read or couldn't get into which is why I had an idea to do a car boot sale.. It's a win win situation someone gets a brand spanking new book cheap and I get money for more books! See what I done there? Awesomness! ;)

But there remains to be one little problem... ARCS.. I have a alot ARCS, I will never sell ARCS, I will never give them away for all the money in the world because it's like a sacred thing for authors and bloggers.. I mean do ya how special you are if you receive an ARC way ahead of the book publication date? Pretty darn special in my head! :)

Wow Cool

So what do I do with them? I CANNOT send them back to the authors or publishers because quite frankly I ain't a millionaire to send that many books back and I can't do giveaways with them because that would cost alot of money to! So what do I do with them???

What do YOU do with ARCS when you're finished with them? Do you give them to other bloggers? Do  you swap them LET ME KNOW! Leave a comment below... pretty please??


  1. I usually keep them and just donate or sell finished copies or if they aren't ARCs I want to keep (I get a bunch, usually unsolicited, and either don't want to read them or don't like them enough to keep), I will put a list up on my blog and people can have them if they pay for shipping. It usually works out pretty well.

    1. So sorry for a late reply and thanks so much for commenting! I think I may try what you do and see what happens.. thanks so much for idea.. :) xx