Look Around! New Blog design, Giveaway and NEW features!

Heyo! Member that post I wrote a few days ago about starting a new book blog? Well I think my brain must have taken flight and landed on loopy land for that thought to even be processed in my head.. so ofcourse now I'm not starting a new blog! I came to that decision after a few of you helped me make it and offered great advice! THANK YOU! 

So now this is sort of a re-launch whatyamacallit? if you want? Anywho! like my new design? It's all bright, and flowery and makes me smile so darn bad my jaw hurts! Ofcourse I didn't design it The amazing peeps over at The Cutest Blog on the Block did who offer free designs for bloggers.. Aren't they just fab?

I have made like a little pledge to myself to try and a be a good blogger.. and that is.. 

  • To accept books I want to read for review! (In the past I've accepted books cause I felt bad saying no but it just makes me feel worse if I can't get into them!)
  • To share with you books I am interested in and have read or am going to! (In such things things as cover reveals, book blasts/blitz and other promotional features) 
  • To be 100% honest as I can be! 
  • To get involved in the book blogging community.. I've always been a bit scared in the past but I think I AM SO GONNA ROCK THIS OUT NOW and be social ;) 
So there you go my little me pledge! 

I am also going to start up a few weekly, fortnightly features to get a sort of routine going so everyone know what to look for! (Really this is for me to try and be more organised) 

I'm thinking of starting a New Adult, Erotica or Romance feature introducing "new" new adult or romance authors every week (YES this in inspired by my lovely sisters feature Introducing YA authors every Friday which I am sorta nicking.. but it's all good cause she doesn't read new adult or Erotica) ;) 

If any authors would like to get involved in that please email bookbloggerni@yahoo.co.uk 

I am also starting up my Behind that book blog feature.. but am trying to think of a totes new cool name.. Being Social? Bloggysocial? Can you think of anything? 

(It's basically a Q&A with a book blogger. I email you the questions and publish it on my blog as a way for readers to get to know the blogger YOU behind the blog Interested? email me at bookbloggerni@yahoo.co.uk and let me know as this is new again I'm looking for book bloggers) 

In August it's my 21st Birthday :o and I have a few small (BIG) things for that planned which I hope you like, I am currently trying to build my confidence to email a few peeps.. I think I'm going to be sick am so nervous! :( 

Anywho! As a little thank you I have included a giveaway or a few swag bits and bobs open international and to the world.. unless you're an alien! I ain't posting that far! (A few are signed)

To enter please like this post on facebook HERE. Giveaway ends 31 May and a winner will be picked! Read my giveaway policies page HERE for more info!

Do you have any ideas for a name for my book blogger feature? What do you think my new design? Do you have a book blog? Leave a link so I can check it out! I'm all about being social now.. remember? ;) 

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