Dublin Author Signing 14

On Wednesday 9th July I went to the Dublin Author Signing and after many failed attempts at making a video talking about it I decided to write up a post instead! First my batteries ran dead, then my hair was like hay and then my batteries ran done again and then I just squealed in front of the camera alot and flapped up and down and there is no I am venturing out into the cold blistering *dramatizing* rain to get batteries to try again.... It's not blistering just rainy and cold.. okay I'll stop babbling now! Oh oh oh I also got loads of stuff for future giveaways! ;D 

First of, *deep breaths* lets talk about some of the pictures I got with authors.. I look a mix between depressed, pissed of or like I'm gonna burst out into tears so yeah.. wait till you see them! :o That's not how I'm feeling inside though, really I'm ecstatic because I met some of the people who inspire me to write myself. It was also a dream come true to meet the people behind the social media sites and books that I am obsessed with like Kahlen Aymes, Abbi Glines and Cora Carmack! 

When we first went into the hotel we were all given a wristband, bag and large postcard that we could get signed by the authors.  I got nearly every signature on this thing and am so stoked and I am NOT giving this baby away at all! 

I did however get these two Kindle covers signed by most of the authors there and am going to use both for giveaways although I only know when one is being posted (next month!) I don't know about the other.. But ahh some of the ink keep smudging and it's annoying me!

I also kept looking for Rebecca Donovan and couldn't find her anywhere :( I even asked these wee people cause they'd printed out a a sheet of the seating plan cause stupidity here didn't think about bringing one. I like whizzed round in circles and am not joking I started to feel dizzy so gave up looking.. :( BUT was she there? Cause I literally kept staring at the authors lanyards and they were looking at me as if to say "yay we got a weirdo at our signing!" :-/ so am in a huff... :( 

Okay and now for the pics of me.. looking glum!

I only have ONE freaking picture with Abbi Glines and in my defense it was crazy I was hunched down beside her chair and I really thought my knees were going to give out! (no joke!) Like me kneeling? Not a good idea! I didn't even think I was gonna be able to stand back up although after a bit of a struggle I managed it.. 

So yeah.. meeting one of my fave authors and I don't even look happy! :( 

I also got Breathe signed for a giveaway! 

Eeeekkk and now the moment (I'm saying that in that wee mans deep voice from the telly) I've always been waiting for... a dream come true... I MET KAHLEN AYMES! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and I'm smiling! (thank gawd!) 

I was literally trying so hard to stay calm because it was such a surreal feeling and she was so nice and gave me a bookmark and a t-shirt and I wanted to cry.. quite literally.. :( in happiness not sadness may I point out. I also bought Angel After Dark and I can't wait to start it! I loved Kahlens The Remembrance Trilogy so I know I'm going to be even more hooked on this book!

Okay, this next authors books I adore and what she wrote is just so special! (I know it's probs written on everyone elses books but it's just spoke out to me!) I'm also so excited cause Cora said she was coming up to Northern Ireland for a few days to go to Belfast! :o *Freaks out!* 

I met Sylvia Day and I feel soo guilty and bad because I was nervous and on the spot and her assistant was writing my name down on a post-it (we had white sticky labels with our names on them) and I told a little white lie and said the book was for a friend so was it possible to write *Dear Reader* but it's not.. it's for a giveaway.. I feel so bad.. on the plus side though I'm giving it away next month! :D (and again I look glum!) *le sigh*

I also met LA Casey, waow! She is one of the nicest and most down to earth person I've ever met! (Not that the others weren't) but she just seemed so normal.. like someone you could to for ages.. 

and also Lisa J Hobman! Eeek! 

Carmel Harrington 

CM Stunich 

I got a swag bag from the author with alot of wee things in it, one being a chapstick (I think it's a chapstick anyway) and this stuff below plus more! :D

K.A Tucker



I got REALLY totes excited when I took money out of the bank machine and it was Euros.. yes I'm easily amused LOL but LOOK! (I'd never used them before!)

AND ALSO when I saw Tayto crisps I got really excited because I was like they don't look like my tayto crisps from Northern Ireland but anywho they have the wee tayto man and everything on the front... but it don't look like my tayto man.... and they don't taste like my tayto crisps!

T-shirts I got! 

One from Sylvia Day 

and one from Kahlen Aymes! (I HAVE TWO NOW! YAY!) 

All in all the day was amazing, I got to meet incredible people and even had a few dreams come true by meeting certain authors.. something which I thought would never come true! :D

One thing I'm so annoyed at is.. I didn't get much swag... like hardly any! :( and I keep seeing pics being uploaded to Facebook of hundreds of pieces of swag and am like :-/ How did you get those? Well jel... perhaps next year? ;) 

Read a more personal repsonse on the day from me here: 

I am so going to next years signing and can't wait to meet more fab authors! :D 

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