100% Graham!

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I <3 Graham Norton... Anyone who knows me knows I never miss an episode of his show and Eurovision is a year tradition with me and my sister to get junk food and stay in and to stay in and watch it! No matter what we ALWAYS make time for it! I mean.... you love to hate it right? 

Ahead of publication of his new memoir, The Life and Loves of a He-Devil, on October 23, Graham wants to know what it is that makes you who you are and how much of a he-devil you are.

Take part in the quiz and be in with a chance to meet Graham when he will be appearing at various theatres around the UK in October and November, talking about his book and life. Find details on where he is appearing here.

The Life and Loves of a He-Devil is Graham's funny and honest memoir on the theme of love. As he shows, it's really the things you love that define who you are. And so Graham tells his story from childhood to present day, describing just what and who he loved - and sometimes lost - as a child, and his new loves and obsessions - big and small - as he's grown older.Graham tells his life and loves with characteristic humour and outrageous candour. You can pre-order The Life and Loves of a He-Devil now from Amazon.


Congratulations you are a 100% match with Graham and officially a He-Devil! 
You and Graham are like peas in a pod. You share a love for all the same things in life from dogs to musical icons and New York city. It goes without saying that you will absolutely love Graham's new memoir, out this October, so make sure to get your hands on a copy as soon as you can! http://amzn.to/1uywEdVin the UK or http://bit.ly/1nYz2qB in Australia. 

What do you think of the book? Will you be purchasing it? I'm hoping Santa will bring me a copy! :D

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