Back with GIVEAWAYS!

Waow! Was it REALLY September since I was online? Yikes! I have been totes busy, work, life, work, sleep, work food, and yeah then computer breaks! So my few months haven't been going well plus I've had a lot of personal stuff that got in the middle so I sorta gave up and concentrated on me time.... and now I'm like meh me time sucks! So it's blogging time AGAIN! Anywho... It was my 21st Birthday in August and I'd organised a whole tirade of things happening although didn't get to post some and also giveaway weren't that well promoted with me having NO computer... Like literally I took it to PC world (when my daddy actually took me after months of asking him to!) and they had it for 4 days a few weeks ago... so imagine my surprise when I get it home turn it on and it's STILL BROKE! They didn't do anything with it so I had to fix it myself.. I keep asking myself why I didn't do that to begin with! :-/

ANYWHO back to the point these giveaways and features I had in August WELL I'm re-opening ALL the giveaways for this weekend ONLY to give peeps one more chance to enter! 

There's signed books OR swag by Rachel Caine, Samantha Young, Jana Oliver, Tina Folsom & MORE! 

Some giveaways have not been reopened but check out the ones that have below! 

Some posts were not posted due to having to computer BUT I will be posting them along with giveaways as time goes on.. I've so much to catch up on so make sure you keep checking out the blog!


Since these giveaways will be ending in 2 days it will take a bit of time for me to send them out, I will try and get them all sent out by the end of the month but please keep in mind depending on where you live it may take a while for you to receive them! :D I will be posting them out on first come fist serve basis so when I get an address it gets sent! :d 

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