The Sunday Post #1

The Sunday Post

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimba @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer. It's a chance to recap the last week on your blog, show of new books you bought/received been gifted and also a chance to include what's coming up on your blog!

Ahh this is my first blog post getting back into blogging in such a looonnng time and I've so much to share! I'm hoping to be able to write as much as I need to but I've fallen quite a few times in the last week and my knees keep cramping and are sore so I needa keep shifting myself and moving! As you can see there is a pretty new design (this is *fingers crossed* hopefully going to inspire me to blog more plus I've gone through a recent name change! I used to be Reading A Little Bit of Everything but I don't believe this was fitting with the image of my blog so now I'm A Bookish Redhead which is so much freer! 

I'm going to share books I've bought and received in the last two weeks seeing as if I don't there won't be much to share here! 

Books I've Received: (Click on the covers for more info!)

From Macmillan Children's Publishers- 

I've flicked through about 200 pages of this novel and so regret it because when I randomly open it a one page I couldn't stop, I'm definitely going to start it this week sometime! 

Books I bought: 

Since my dad moved house and lives literally 10 minutes from Bargain Books I have been crazy book shopping! I for these 3 for £5! 

My Sister is literally obsessed with this series at the minute which is why I bought the book! (Even though she has spilt the deets on everything that happens in the first one because she couldn't keep her mouth shut I'm still interested to read them!)


I <3 Tanya Burr and have been flicking through this since I bought it! I think it's the kind of book I should maybe read in between reading others as so I don't love interest in it! I normally don't read non-fiction books!

Yay I managed to write all I wanted to with the help from the bag of Haribo my sister bought me! :D This coming week is going to be a very busy one on A Bookish Redhead as I have quite alot planned! There's going to be an awesome *signed* paperback giveaway from Tammara Webber tomorrow, an author interview with Portia Da Costa, a *signed* swag giveaway from a variety of authors on Friday AND more! So stay tuned! :D 

How has your week shaped up to be? Have you done much book shopping?


  1. You must read the After Series ASAP it's so good. I really want to read The Boy Next Door.

  2. Welcome to The sunday post ! I'm sorry I can't see the book covers, there must be something I need to check somewhere on my computer. I'm looking forward to reading your interview with Portia da Costa, I enjoyed a couple of her books, especially "In too deep". Have a great week - from another bookish redhead ;)

  3. I've been wanting to read The Selection for some time now!!! I just never remember to grab it when I'm at the library. It looks like you have plenty of good books to keep you busy. Enjoy!

  4. So many lovely books. I love delicate cover art. It sucks me right in. Enjoy your new reads.

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