Have you been looking?

Have you noticed I haven't been actively book blogging in close to a year? Have you been looking to see where I was? The answer to that last question is an obvious one although I'm trying to get back into book blogging as I bought a laptop at the weekend hoping it will inspire and motivate me to get a bleeding move on already and start blogging! 

I thought the best way to start blogging would be to blog so that's what I'm doing. Even though it's not a review, author Q&A or giveaway it's still a post going up on my blog and it's a start for me anyway! This weekend I'  hoping to really kick things off and do a giveaway (always a giveaway) but I'm hoping it will bring readers back especially as the last time I really blogged it was under a different name and everything! :o 

I recently bought a whole stack of books so they will keep me busy reading especially the classics I bought! Mr Darcy.. where are you my sweetpea? :) I <3 Pride & Prejudice! What about you? 

Have you been book shopping? Buy any good books recently? Discovered any new authors which you lurve?

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