Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Authors I REALLY Want To Meet

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Eeek! I'm literally jumping up and down on the spot because I KNOW 10 authors I REALLY REALLY WANT TO MEET!!! :D BUT because I've met most of my favourite authors, Abbi Glines, Kahlen aymes, Cecelia Ahern etc I've decided to do this a little differently...

Reasons why? 

Jennifer L. Armentrout: My obsession with her books knows no bounds! I generally don't read YA although JLA makes me crazy about it! The only authors whose writing I can read from YA, NA and to adult! 

Paige Toon: Where do I even begin? Paige makes me fall in love with her characters as if them real! Through all her books I've been on an emotional turmoil.. never has one author made me feel grief, happiness, heartbreak and love all on one single Page! 

Natalie Anderson: When I need something sweet and guaranteed and happily ever after Natalie Anderson is my go to author! Her writing makes me so bleeding happy! 

Tiffany Resiz: Tiffany wrote the original sinners.. nuff said! 

But nopes! I've never read anything like her books and I'd love to meet the woman behind the incredible kinky extreme journey of these characters.. plus to enquire about Wesleys whereabouts! 

Tammara Webber: The authors book Easy is very close to my heart and will have it's own special place there.. everything about this book is amazing and the emotional and personal journey she sent me on while reading, it would be amazing to meet her. 

Samantha Young: On Dublin Street remains one of my favourite re-reads and I need the authors signature on it! 

Jane Austen, Emily Bronte, Charottle Bronte: Who wouldn't want to meet the original authors who made us fall in love between the pages of books with the brooding man or whose books started us of with an bookish obsession?

William Shapespeare: Macbeth was one of my favourite things to read in highschool and everyone has there opinion on Lady Macbeth but I dono.. I think mine would be different. I would love to question him his inspiration..

Well there's my list of 10 authors I'd really like to meet! Would you like to meet any of them? Whose on your list? Comment below with a link to your post so I can check them out. :) 

Kerry-Ann xo


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  1. Great list. Emily and Charlotte I always get mixed up.

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