Good Morning Bookworld,

For quite awhile I have drifted from my book blog which has left me a bit frustrated with myself because I realised I was becoming more interested in growing A Bookish Redhead and gaining more followers and more readers than actually letting my passion for books grow which to me is more important and interesting. 

I decided to take a break and have used July as a stepping stone to slightly ease myself back into book blogging. I'm not going to try so hard anymore, when I first started blogging 4 years ago I LOVED reading and then shouting from the rooftops why I loved them books and also being a cheerleader for many authors because there books made me feel amazing and alive inside. Which is a feeling I am desperate to get back. 

I have a few reviews scheduled and a few guest posts/interviews with authors whom I LOVE reading their books. PLUS on July 20th starts a feature which I've been putting together called A Bookish Christmas.. A Christmas in Feature! There will be reviews, interviews AND a naughty or nice giveaway! Which I have a few ideas so far for. 

This week I featured Annie Jocoby in an Interview, check it out HERE

For now though.. I need to get ready to go book and dresss shopping! How is your Saturday being spent? 

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