I'm taking a break... be back soonish!


When is enough, enough? For the last year my blog aspirations and motivations have been diminishing which is why I've went on breaks from A Bookish Redhead so hopefully when I decided to come back to blogging I'd be feeling refreshed, and ready to get the love of sharing my opinions on books and getting excited for interviews with authors but that's not the case and forcing the issue is making it harder on myself to continue which is why I'm taking a much needed break to concentrate on things in my personal life. 

That's the part of me that needs my attention at the moment, I need to have some fun and read a book! Okay well my kind of bookish fun... I haven't read a book I thoroughly crawled into in quite some time so that is something else I'm looking for. I am hoping this short term break will only be until September but I can already feel the anxiousness starting to creep up on me knowing that's in only a few short weeks. 

  • The Bookish Christmas feature didn't quite go as planned, that was meant to my gateway for inspiration, I will get in touch with the authors to explain. 
  • I've posted quite a few giveaways lately, I will be in touch with winners in due course to get your goodies posted out so please be patient!
I will be taking a short break from my lifestyle blog Voluptuous Chatterbox including ALL social media excluding Twitter and Instagram! I still need a place to rant and post pictures afterall. 

If you have any questions forward them on to bookbloggerni (@) yahoo.co.uk 

Kerry-Ann x

UPDATED: 30/08/2015

I will be returning to blogging in October and hope you'll be there with me! I have a couple of things planned to get more readers involved in different aspects and am also aspiring to get back to my original roots of how I began blogging! WATCH THIS SPACE FOR MORE! :) 


  1. Sometimes we all need that 'charging batteries' time and do something just for ourselves :) I hope you do get back to us soon, though :) I finally found your awesome blog and I'd love to see more of your blog posts in the future.
    Have a great time!

    1. Hey :) I'm very sorry for the late reply. Thanks so much for the lovely comment, it really made my day to read. :) I will be back to book blogging in October and back to my personal blog rather sooner than that. :D I have a few things planned to get more readers involved so please do look out for them. :) xx