It's time to start Book Blogging in 2016!

It's time to start knuckling down and blogging! This is my first (not scheduled) post of 2016. A Bookish Redhead has been re-designed, is still in the process of being updated and it's blogger is ready to book blog! 

I have a few exciting things planned for my little book world and I really have the positive attitude to make it happen this year. I have 4 different diaries dedicated to blogging, a ring binder with notes, inspiration and ideas to thoroughly help me through the year! 

February is all about  LOVE  thanks to Valentines Day BUT on 14th February it is in fact International Book Giving day also which means it's going to be extra special. 

I celebrate my 5 year blogoversary this month and I'm slightly in tears even thinking about how I've managed to continue doing this for 5 whole years! It's been a helluva ride and this year instead of organising a feature I am staying minimal and have a draft post drawn up of what I want to focus on. 

Books Books & More Books have been added to my To Be Read pile and I'm hoping to achieve my goal of 50 Books this year on Goodreads. If you're on there add me. I love to connect with new bookish people. 

If there are authors/bloggers interested in guest posting or a Q&A then get in touch! I am hoping to make 2016 the year of discovering new authors, new genres, new books, new bloggers! I've been out of the loop so long that I admittedly I couldn't even tell the top 10 most anticipated books  of 2016 or even books to movies that are being released this year. 

With that being said I'm also making a harsh decision to only feature books and authors that I genuinely have an interest in or will read one day! (my to be read list is long so it may take years) I have been stuck in the habit of taking on books because I can't say no to authors or I feel guilty. 

I hope your February is off to a good start. What do you have planned for this month? Anything surrounding Valentines?

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