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Good Morning, 

On Sundays I would tend to highlight some of my favourite highlights of the past week on my Lifestyle Voluptuous Chatterbox blog which I can't create a blog post with so when my sister Megan @Reading Away the Days suggested she wanted to start a monthly tag of Favourite highlights on the last Friday of each month I immediately wanted to take part! For so long I wanted to do something alike and no one had started it which is why I'm ecstatic she has created something like this! 

So without further adoo here are my Favourite Number 1's from February: 


The 100 is back with an incredible start and I cannot wait to see how the show progresses this season as I was slightly worried how the story would continue and if it would as captivating which thankfully it is! 


This song isn't a must with everyone even with the ones in my work disliking it to the bring of turning down the radio but I absolutely love it. I'm a massive fan of Sia and can never doubt that she'll make another emotionally addictive song. 


Handsdown it has to be About to Read! I absolutely love watching her videos and catching up. 


Admittedly I love abit of celeb gossip who doesn't? But the story line this month that caught my eye (and the whole worlds) was Kanye West declaring himself $53 million dollars in debt via Twitter and asking creator of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg via Twitter for money to support him out of said debt for his big ideas... 

Phew! That's a mouth to take in and no where near what else he tweeted.. I would never laugh or smile at someone elses mis fortune or if they're struggling but I am laughing at this story because if he is in debt why on earth announce it via twitter PLUS face the wrath of Kim Kardashian? Rather you than me Yeezy!  


I'm finding it to hard to quench my obsession with Ringos this month as every shop I've been into doesn't stock them which makes me want to cry.. no joke! 


My sister got me this bookish book bag from waterstones which I've only just started using recently and loving it especially as it's a Roald Dahl quote on the front. 


A real interest for me this month is colouring in! Megan has all these great colouring books and really put me in the mood when I spied the amazing pictures she was bringing to life and creating during the past few weeks which left me itching to colour in! The best thing is since this Adult Colouring Book phase blew up there is literally a colouring book for everyone out there! 


Ofcourse it would have to be the gifts I received for Valentines Day from my boyfriend! Red Tulips, a teddy bear and a heart shaped box of Ferrero Rocher (which are all eaten now) literally all my favouirte things! 

What do you think of the feature? Will you be doing it again? Any colouring books you would recommend? Or What celeb story caught your attention?

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  1. colouring book? i find teh garden of secrets very well done but you probably knows it already ( i'm a beginner in colouring so i know very little sorry)

  2. The Harry Potter coloring book is amazing, but be ready to dedicate some time. ☺ Also, I agree with ranking The 100 at the top of your list!

  3. the 100 is awesome I ship clexa so bad

  4. I love coloring books by Johanna Basford. I have Secret Garden and it's sooo addictive.

  5. I love coloring books by Johanna Basford. I have Secret Garden and it's sooo addictive.

  6. I love Harry Potters coloring book. I also love all the deteailed one adult coloring books.

  7. I seem to be one of the few people that haven't tried adult coloring.

  8. the bookish swag you received sounds great. I only have tried the Secret Garden by Johanna Bashford. one is enough for me (unless I get them as a gift of course or something) b.c I don't color in it that often.