Waiting on Wednesday: Falling for Seven

This weeks Waiting on is:

For more information on Falling for Seven by T.A. Richards Neville check out the blurb below and Pre-Order HERE. Released 21st May!

About the book: 

Julian Lawson. We shouldn’t have mixed—we don’t fit. I am good for him and I am bad for him. He is worse for me. We will destroy each other in time and everyone knows it. 

Everyone including us. 

He is the star quarterback for the Boston Lions and I am just a girl that goes to the same University. But with Julian I am more than just a girl. I am the only girl. I am also his coach's daughter. 
We were thrown together in what was supposed to be a harmless college assignment. And yet, I know there is no way that I am coming out of this unscathed. 
I made a huge mistake sleeping with Julian. A mistake I can't afford to repeat, no matter how good—and bad—he makes me feel. 

Somebody once told me that to love another with your whole heart was the bravest thing a person could do. I was not brave, not at first. And then I met Julian and everything changed. Now I am the bravest person in the world and if I can survive loving Julian, I can survive anything.

Blurb from Amazon.co.uk.

What do you think of Falling for Seven? Will you Waiting on it? Leave a link in the comments to  your post so I can check them out. 

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