Ten Bookish People You Should Follow

I am super excited for todays Top Ten Tuesday as it's Ten Bookish People You Should Follow and I'm pretty obsessed with my Bookish people! 

1) Obviously you have to follow my sister Megan and her blog @ Reading Away the Days! I never used to honestly read my sisters blog because her book reviews were never similar to mine but since I got her hooked into Fifty Shades I love checking out what books she's read and her thoughts and opinions!! (Note: Even though we live in the same house it's shocking how much we use social media to communicate!) 

2) A blog which I believe ALL book lovers should follow is About to Read. There is something basically for every bookish lover on Tiffany's site and I can't tell you how much I love it. 


What do you think of the list? I'm almost certain you follow most if not all who is listed! If not? You should be! :)

 Leave me your lists in the comments below so I can check them out. 

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