Monday Motivation - Back to Basics

As I sit here writing this post I feel refreshed, 2016 has been quite an eventful year (even though it isn't even over yet) it has flown in fast I'm left with my 2016 diary and resolutions incomplete. Way back at the beginning of the year I had high aspirations of where I wanted the year to go although unfortunately that path wasn't meant to be. Without going all doom and gloom I am finally ready to begin a new chapter in my life and am excited for the new experiences that may come my way. 

Books have always been a passion of mine and as I've dabbled in attempting to write Fashion, beauty and lifestyle posts I don't believe my passion is as fierce. I am still keeping Voluptuous Chatterbox and that will still remain my Instagram name as I am a Voluptuous Chatterbox but for the time being I am putting all my energy and strength back into my book blog and am determined to not let it takeover. 

On A Bookish Redhead I will be blogging about books as well as bookish lifestyle topics and anything that takes my fancy. For the last year or so I have had so many posts about getting back into blogging that never quite seem to last as my interest slowly deteriorates as it becomes so full on again which is why I am not worrying too much about to far in the future as my boyfriend keeps saying content is better than planning and he wants to see content! (I have these great amazing ideas on paper that never quite reach the screen as I get distracted.)

In the month of July I spent the weekend in Edinburgh and attended the RARE event meeting a few of my favourite authors although there will be more of that to follow soon and also I am going to another Cecelia Ahern book signing  in Easons at the start of December which I cannot wait for. 

For now though it is time to say goodnight and happy reading!


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