You'll know when it's time to quit! And my time is now!

I know I know! I'm misleading you with my choice of title but I had to in order to see if it works! I've decided to quit.. or take a break.. from shopping! Yes, it will be hard, yes it will cause outbursts, tears and more overwhelming emotions but the time has come and I need to recognise my time is now. 

Books, Clothes, Stationary and Crafting Supplies are all included in my downfall and I am setting myself the challenge to not shop for any of these items in February! I had best set myself a really good reward for the end of the month or I will begin shopping again in the next 5 minutes. 

The reasons behind this goal are to become more money and financially aware of what I am spending my money on. Often we all go shopping and in the space of one shop £20 is gone which leaves us wondering what the heck that amount of money went on. Often, we have very little to show for it and £20 is alot of money! 

I have clothes with tags on them, books purchased quite a few years ago not read or touched just simply dusted every once in a while, crafting supplies still not unwrapped from the packaging they came in therefore looking around my room and finally wakening up I'm issuing myself with this shopping ban.. 

Below I have outlined a few strategy ideas and tips for myself to look back on if I begin to slip:

    • Avoid online sites such as Amazon, Yours Clothing, New Look, Hunky Dory, Ebay and Etsy
    • When on laptop and thinking of shopping shut it down and move away!
    • Read books already purchased
    • Have a wardrobe clear out and get rid of items not worn
    • Books... They have sentimental value so move on! 
    • Use the crafting items you have! 
I do not need any more books, I do not need any more clothes, I do not need anymore crafting supplies! Wish me luck peeps! I'm going to need it. 

Do you have any shopping buying ban tips? Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading, 


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