Meet My Bookstabuddy

I have a very special bookstabuddy who I hope you will all love! My partner got me an amazing anniversary present and I'm thinking he perhaps regrets them after the amount of attention he seems to have lost thanks to them... Ethan meet Bookish world, bookish world meet Ethan! 

My new adorable, messy, teenage-like, sassy, cute, furry kitten! He has taken over my whole life (no joke) I absolutely would be lost without him as he has made such an impact on everyone in the space of over a month. Ethan is currently 15 weeks old and he is a rescue animal. 

I published a more thorough blog post about him on Voluptuous Chatterbox which you can read HERE. I will also be blogging Ethan's Diary there so be sure to have a read if you want to catch up on how he is. 

As you can see Ethan is very photogenic.. which is why he has his very own Instagram account! Obviously he is a fan of books as you can see for yourself by clicking HERE

What do you think of my new bookstabuddy? Let me know in the comments below!

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