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In March I'm attending the Titanic Belfast Author signing and as a way for me to get to know the authors attending I'm interviewing them weekly on A Bookish Redhead so take a seat and keep checking back every Thursday for a new Author Q&A! 

Can you tell readers a bit about yourself?
I'm Janae Keyes. I am an American romance author living abroad in Belgium. I'm married to a Belgian, and I have a wild 3-year-old. Writing is a long time passion of mine and helps me escape from my hectic life.

Do you have any bookish news you can share with us?
I am in an Office Romance box set coming February 27th, Seduction in a Suit. My story Protection: Codes of Conduct, is one of 22 sexy stories. 

Can you tell us about your books?
I write books that challenge how others see the world of love. I do this by writing couples who are from dramatically diverse and different backgrounds. I am in an Interracial Marriage, and I've always written relationships that look similar to my own, two people who have different skin colours which come together for love. My books range from spy thrillers to political flames, heartbreaking stories of drug abuse to Russian Mob dramas, and some hot and sexy BDSM fire. There is something for everyone.

What's your favourite food to snack on whilst writing?
Cookies! And Kettle Corn. If I am not paying attention, I can finish off a bag of kettle corn reasonably quickly.

Can you sum up your writing journey in 5 words?
Wildest ride of my life.

Are you currently working on anything atm? If yes, can you share anything with us?
I am finishing up Protection for the box set. I am also working on two dramatically different novels.

The first is a hot and steamy face fiance novel. Vanessa and Josiah are F*ck buddies, and when Vanessa learns she will be cut out of her inheritance if she doesn't settle down, she drags Josiah into her scheme. This story is H-O-T. Josiah is a tatted up hottie who can't get enough of Vanessa while Vanessa is a strong and independent woman with plenty of snark who will always bend (over) for Josiah. Readers I know will be left panting when they get their hands on Never the Bride.

My other book can't be more different. Letters from the Past is my first Historical Romance. This tale takes place in Mississippi in the midst of Jim Crow and WWII. Maisie Lee is a young commissary girl who falls head over heels for Army Lieutenant Russell Carter. There is only one HUGE problem for the two of them, Maisie Lee is African-American while Russell is white. Their romance is unwelcome at the time, and they must learn to navigate the choppy climate to find somehow a way to make their love work.

What advice would you give to aspiring authors?
I know you might be scared, but don't let fear get you. Jump out there and share your stories with the world. I swear it will be the best experience of your life. Also, don't be afraid to push the envelope and be controversial, tell your truth in all things.

Where are you travelling from? Is there anything you’re looking forward to checking out?
I'm travelling from Belgium. I am so excited to experience Northern Ireland for the first time. I've been to the EU part of the island, but never the northern UK part.  I won't have too much time to check things out, but I really hope I can grab a quick bus tour to see the city.


Book: OMG, this is hard!!!! There are so many good ones. A book that really sparked me is called Family by J. California Cooper. My mom suggested it to me when I was in middle school, and that book took me there and back. I think that is what is fueling me in writing my historical piece.

Author (Yep just one!): JK Rowling. She has a way with words that leaves one breathless. Honestly, without her, my life wouldn't be the same. Honestly, I would have never met my husband, and I wouldn't be living in this beautiful country if it wasn't for her writing Harry Potter. 

Country: It is between Greece and the UK. I love both sooooooooo much. My family goes to Greece every other year in the summer, and I try and get into the UK once a year.

Flower: Tulips. I have some sitting next to me right now. My husband knows they are one of my favourites and he surprised me with some over the weekend.

Quote: This is a fairly new quote that I recently heard in a beauty bloggers video.... "Diversity isn't just a PR issue, and it is some people's everyday life."
It was so poignant and exactly what I've been trying to articulate for a moment.

Fairytale:  My life... lol  If I'd have to pick, I'd say Beauty and the Beast, and yes I wanted the hot dude and the library. We can have both!

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