Author Interview: Sam Destiny #BelfastTitanicSigning

In March I'm attending the Titanic Belfast Author signing and as a way for me to get to know the authors attending I'm interviewing them weekly on A Bookish Redhead so take a seat and keep checking back every Thursday for a new Author Q&A! 

Can you tell readers abit about yourself? 
Sure can. I’m practically boring by day, but get exciting by night, when I hang out with my characters and write. I live in the German countryside and have a dog I love walking. What else… Oh, I love Chai Latte and everything cinnamon. 

Do you have any bookish news you can share with us? 
I’ll actually have a release on the 16th of February. I’ll be releasing Tagged For A New Start, the third book in my Tagged Soldiers Series. After that? I’m still debating if I want a NA college series out for 2019 or an adult Rockstar Series… ;-)

Can you tell us about your books? My books… I’m writing a lot of different things, mainly because I get tired of a certain genre after writing, so I usually switch between paranormal and contemporary romance. I also have fantasy books… I love so many different genres and wanted to try them… So here we are. My favorite has to be AJ’s Salvation (shhh, don’t tell the other books.) although I couldn’t say why. It has been that way from the very beginning.

What's your favourite food to snack on whilst writing? 
Depends. Easy writing? I don’t snack. Emotional and tiring writing? Chocolate. 

Can you sum up your writing journey in 5 words? If you fail, try again.

Are you currently working on anything atm? If yes, can you share anything with us?
Hahahaha, guess I was a little fast and answered this above. I work on my soldiers (editing on book 3, writing of book 4), and there’ll be a Valentine’s Soldier Anthology out that I was part of. Besides that I have something I call Sunday Funday writing, meaning I write ideas I’m not sure I’ll ever publish, or I write fan fiction. (And no, I don’t publish any of that. It’s for my pleasure.)

What advice would you give to aspiring authors?  
Don’t compare. Don’t read reviews. Love what you do. Take a break if you feel overwhelmed. I started last year to take off December from writing for publication and all things like that. It made me free and ready for 2018. I plan the same this year. You have your own pace, so don’t get frustrated if others write faster than you. And… did I mention, love what you do? ;-) To be honest, this isn’t a race. This isn’t a competition. Have your goals. Chase them. And be kind. Talk to authors. Make friends. It goes a long way. Oh, and… Love what you do. :-D

Where are you travelling from? Is there anything you’re looking forward to checking out? I’m coming from Germany, and I’m actually going for the people, so… Abigail Davis, Danielle Dickson, I’ll be checking you out. 
Book: The Rescue by Nicholas Sparks
Author (Yep just one!): Totally not because there are trads and Indies, so… Traditionally published would be Nicholas Sparks, Indie Author is Jo Raven (That woman is incredible.) (I’m a rebel, can you tell?) 
Country: US. It’s like my second home although I’ve been only once. My mom always says I was born in the wrong country. 
Flower: Tiger lilies
Quote: Reach for the moon. If you don’t succeed, you’ll still be among the stars.
Fairytale: Sleeping Beauty.

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