Author Interview: Tracie Podger #BelfastAuthorSigning

In March I'm attending the Titanic Belfast Author signing and as a way for me to get to know the authors attending I'm interviewing them weekly on A Bookish Redhead so take a seat and keep checking back every Thursday for a new Author Q&A! 

Can you tell readers a bit about yourself?
I currently live in Kent, UK with my husband and a rather obnoxious cat called George. I’m a Padi Scuba Diving Instructor with a passion for writing. I’ve been fortunate to have dived some of the wonderful oceans of the world where I can indulge in another hobby, underwater photography. I like getting up close and personal with sharks.

Do you have any bookish news you can share with us?
After releasing a few angsty romance books I decided I needed to revisit an old series. Two characters, Robert Stone, and Rocco Sartorri, were quietly chatting in the background and I always knew they had a story to tell. I’ve decided to write Fallen Angel, Part 5, which, I’m hoping, will be released early April in time for Tattoo Bad Boys Author Signing.

Can you tell us about your books?
I write in various genres, contemporary romance, erotic romance, romantic suspense, women’s fiction, and thrillers. I’ll sometimes write about women who are having a difficult time and how they overcome that. I like to write from the H point of view as well. Feel free to visit my author page, just type my name in the browser bar on Amazon, and you’ll be able to see my range of novels and novella’s.

What's your favourite food to snack on whilst writing?
Sadly, it’s chocolate. And endless cups of Earl Grey Tea. In fact, tea seems to feature in most of my books as well!

Can you sum up your writing journey in 5 words?
Hard work, tears, love it.

Are you currently working on anything atm? If yes, can you share anything with us?
As I said earlier, I’m currently writing Fallen Angel, Part 5 having just released Jackson, a very angsty romance. The Fallen Angel series is a mafia romance and I just love the characters. Here is a snippet from Chapter One….

Fallen Angel, Part 5
It was in a small room in a villa in Tuscany that my life changed forever – again.
Everything I knew, or believed, had been a lie. Forty years of thinking one man was my father and that he had been killed with my mother was disproved with a simple DNA test. I barely remembered the man; I hardly remembered my mother. To say my head had been fucked up was an understatement.

What advice would you give to aspiring authors?
Read the genre you intend to write in, that’s really important. Write from the heart and write whatever you want to, to start with. Make friends; don’t stand on the sidelines, find your ‘tribe’. Follow your gut, you’ll be given a ton of advice, and not all of it will be good or work for you—Instinct will always serve you well.

Where are you travelling from? Is there anything you’re looking forward to checking out?
I’m travelling from Kent, England. I’ll be flying over and I’m so excited to be at the home of the iconic ship, The Titanic.

Book: - The Anger Within by Tom Ericson
Author (Yep just one!): - Colleen Hoover for her charity work
Country: - United Kingdom (Italy, as a close second)
Flower: - Orchid
Quote: - You have one life, live it to the fullest and without regret.
Fairytale: - Don’t have one.

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