Feeling Bookishly Inspired For World Book Day

Happy World Book Day! 

Today is the day to celebrate both books and the authors that deliver them to us which is why I've had a little blog post planned in my head for quite a few weeks. 

I hadn't counted on the weather being quite so cold or that the grounds would be covered in snow though that didn't hold me back as I persuaded my sister to take some outfit pictures of my Alice & Wonderland themed outfit. 

Megan is a Bookstagram /photo prop expert in my eyes as she suggested using the teacup, flowers and umbrella which really played a crucial part in the overall outcome. 

Check out the books I plan on reading this Month OR hope to read this month including Alec by LA Casey but there was noway my Kindle was making a trip outside in that cold weather! 

Click on the titles for more information. 

1) Foolproof Love - Katee Robert
2) Beauty & the Beast - Book of the Film
3) Lucy in the Sky - Paige Toon (Time for a re-read)
4) Fallen - Lauren Kate 
5) Down the Rabbit Hole - Holly Madison 
6) Alec - LA Casey (My current read) 

Check out the full details on my outfit HERE on Voluptuous Chatterbox. 

Is it snowing where you are? Do you Celebrate World Book Day? Have you dressed up? What do you plan on reading this March? Let me know in the comments below! 

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