New Release: Finding Tomorrow by Kahlen Aymes

Kahlen Aymes latest book Finding Tomorrow has recently been release! Have you got your copy yet? No? Don't worry as I've included the blurb and buy links below! Get your nights fully booked because once you start reading this authors work? You will NOT stop! 

Outwardly, my life was rocking. As a sportscaster at ESPN, I’ve traveled the world, attending the most prestigious sporting events, and meeting all sorts of famous people. I have great friends, and women whenever I want them, but I miss the little girl I helped raise and still adore. My heart was broken when my best friend came back to step in as her dad, but at least my career was on the uptick. 

That was until Missy Ellington sailed into my network intent on stealing the promotion I was counting on. There was no way I’d let her get in the way of a new job would that would allow me to spend more time with my little Remi. 

Missy was beautiful and smart, but her relentless ambition and cool demeanor were off-putting as hell. She had an underlying vulnerability that hinted she was not all she pretended to be. At first, she came off as a shrew with a serious aversion to men, but there was underlying pain in her eyes that went deeper, and I was determined to find out the reason.

When I discovered Missy’s single-minded ferociousness to succeed was driven by a painful past and a little boy named Dylan, the protector in me kicked in and I was drawn to her even more... like a moth to a flame

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  1. What an enthusiastic read!!! Prepare your tissues. The characters are astounding. They storyline is moving. This is another incredible book from Kahlen!