Hello September - We're Going Back To Basics

Back to Basics..

Good Morning and Hello September! 

As you can probably guess I'm a little excited and actually feeling quite content in own little bookish bubble of excitement. The reasons? Well.. It's September! Can you feel the nip in the air at night? That's an excuse in itself to stay in and read! 

It was also my 26th Birthday last week which you can read all about HERE, another reason? Well you're reading it! I'm blogging and not because I have to but I want to! I'm feeling motivated and ready in myself to get back to basics.. to start blogging, reading, crafting, shouting from the rooftops again about a new book or author I've discovered, having a meltdown when Amazon delivers books in an actual mess! I'm ready for it all again... so.. are you ready to come on the ride with me? 

I keep hearing in one ear like an annoying little wasp.. "bloggings dead", "you should switch to wordpress", "no one reads blogs anymore" and that's okay trust me! BUT I started this blog over 7 years ago for ME and that's the reason I'm continuing with it. Yes blogging changed dramatically since I started, a few authors and bloggers I started out writing and reading about no longer write or blog, some have different hobbies and jobs and yes WordPress may be amazeballs to some but to me? I'm sticking with my Blogspot cause lifes already hard and complicated enough without adding WordPress to the list. So the little wasp can buzz on off because this is for totally selfish reasons! It's all about ME and BOOKS... and YOU ofcourse. 

I feel like alot has changed since I sat down and honestly wrote a post and things are looking up, September is Self-improvement month which is exactly what I'm concentrating on, what we all should concentrate on. Self-improving ourselves. Making us feel better, more positive and just being happy. 

I have set myself goals this month that include reading 4 books, keeping my blog and instagram up to date and also to carry on buying books! Because it's a goal... right? 

My current read at the minute The Little Bookshop of Lonely Hearts by Annie Darling is so heartwarming, definitely worth checking out HERE

I have since started an Etsy store which launched in May selling bookmarks. I do plan on expanding but I'm progressing in my own time to adding more items. There are LA Casey Slaterbrothers inspired books up on there and general bookish ones! etsy.com/CosyHandCrafts use code abookishredhead to get 10% of your order!

Before I forget.. (How could I nearly forget?) Bookstagram! I mean who doesn't nowadays? For all bookstagram and more content follow me @abookishread on insta!

What do you enjoy about September? What's your favourite type of bookish merch? What are your bookish goals this month? Do you bookstagram? Let me know if you follow and I'll return it! ;) 

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