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Since I've came back to blogging I wanted to change things up abit and go with the times which is where this idea for a fortnightly feature comes from. #Bookstagramming is a major thing right now and the community continues to grow from strength to strength and it's such a positive world to be part of with monthly challenges featuring prompts to even bookstagram book tours - I believe this is only the beginning. 

That's why I've started Meet the #bookstagrammer, it's a chance for all us readers to take a glimpse behind our favourite styled shelves and cameras and ask some questions.. how did they get started? we all have our favourite photo BUT what's theirs? Well grab a drink and prepare because I have some amazing bookstagrammers lined including one that saved a few of my days! 

Without further ado (I promise the other posts won't have me rambling this much) it's time to start and I thought I'd kick it of with me! Massive thanks to my sister who helped with the questions! 

If you are a #bookstagrammer and interested in taking part feel free to email

- When and How did you start your bookstagram? 

I started my bookish Instagram connect July 2018, before that I was using one Instagram account for my two websites and decided I wanted to focus and share bookish themed pictures and made one to match this blog. Everyday the pictures that I was seeing from others were like Art, my sister also continued to get more excited and enthusiastic about every photo she took and I wanted to be apart of that which is where it all started. 

- What are your favourite types of photos to take? 

My favourite would have to be spines or flat lays. I have such an obsession with the spines of books! 

- Can you tell us what your favourite book to photograph is? 

YES! This is so easy, it's any book by Paige Toon.. the ombre colours, the front covers not forgetting the stories themselves are amazing. 

- What do you use to take photos with? 

I use my Samsung S6 something (I'm not techy at all) 

- Is there an Etsy store you purchase from whose products you feature? 

- I'm going to be cheeky and plug my own Cosy Hand-Crafts (which you can use ABOOKISHREDHEAD to get 10% of) For my photos I mainly feature items I make, the hedgehogs, bookmarks and even at time frames.

Another store I love includes Miss Bohemia, her mugs are beautiful and I've also framed a birthday card my sister got me in a print I loved. Rarely on items do I ever see Redheads which is why I love my mug and print so much! 

- Do you have a favourite prop you like to use? 

Again this ties in with the above! At the minute it's a mini hedgehog I made! Sometimes I get a few comments about cutting up a book although in all honesty, I believe I'm giving the books you didn't like, didn't read or enjoy a new lease of life that hopefully brings a smile when you look at it. 

- What is your favourite picture you've taken in the last week? 

Ahh! This is so hard as I'm biased but it has to be this one below! The prompt in the September challenge I'm taking part in was favourite genre and since mine is romance I chose five favourite books of mine that a variety of ages have enjoyed from young adult to adult Erotica.  Plus it had a very Autumnal feel to it with the leaves, hedgehog, and candle! 

- Do you have any favourite bookstagrammers?

This is the question I've been waiting for so I can gush, smile and freakily get excited about whose feed I love and am obsessed with.... BookBookOwl! Her feed is phenomenal and I'm always showing it to anyone that will listen to me ramble on about it.

When I'm having a bad day or need a pick me up I legit scroll through and no joke I feel perkier already. I think because it's such a happy fun feed to daydream at not to mention the bookshelves that actual dreams are made of. It shows so much dedication not to mention the bookmark Jen makes! #LifeIsComplete

That is the first Meet the #bookstagrammer post completed, don't forget you can follow me @abookishredhead on Instagram. 

What do you think of this feature? Who are some of your favourite bookstagrammers? Let me know in the comments below and don't forget to come back 18th September for the next Q&A! 

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