Welcome October: Books, Hot Chocolate & Blankets

Books & Hot Chocolate Season!

Welcome, October! I'm super excited you finally decided to show yourself because it's officially okay to cancel plans and stay in with a big bar of galaxy chocolate under a fleecy warm blanket with a good romance book! That is okay right? If not I'm still doing it! 

This month is all about Romance, romance and more romance for me! Not in the real world but my bookish one! Especially as I want to delve into the more paranormal books which are very fitting this month!

I'm wanting to feature more than just books here but also bookish items which is why I'm so excited to start thinking up of new ideas and to perhaps thinking of a bookish character again this year to dress up as!? 

I've been super active over on Instagram this month as I've been bookstagramming which I'm hoping to continue as I've some really exciting plans for props this month which I need to make! 

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What do you have planned this month? Let me know in the comments below. 

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