It's been soo long... does anyone still blog?

Good Morning & Happy May Day! 

I never understood what's so important about the first of May except I know plenty wish "A happy May Day" to others.. maybe that's something I should google after! For the last.. gosh so many years I have been skittering on the edges blogging and writing about fashion, my travels and books! I thoroughly used to love blogging and all it's glory that came with it. But with whats happening in the world I'm going to wish everyone a safe day and hope that everyone is social distancing somewhere quiet and sunny with our bookshelves!

I  loved meeting authors and over the top fangirling at them like squeaking when I met Cecelia Ahern that everyone around me (including my sister) avoided eye contact, Kahlen Aymes who I'm sorry I just wanted to spend hours talking to at a Dublin signing but I was so nervous being on my own I barely cracked a smile! Crying and having big black panda mascara eyes meeting Jennifer L Armentrout at RARE16.. but I will forever remember the moment where SHE KNEW WHO I WAS and my blog, receiving my first ever book review request from Macmillan Children's Publishing and also posing with Julia Kent for a photo whilst she wore a horse mask! I felt so lucky to be in that position to meet loads of different authors, fellow book bloggers and be part of a bookish world! 

It's not always sunshine and roses though, there are the mountains of requests that build up, the blog tours you sign up for to read the books and post on the designated days, the emails that keep pinging and pinging and pinging which sooner or later that inbox went from 10 unread to 1000 unread and it's never ending.. this small hobby that started off being something you loved has turned into a full-time job and when you already have a full-time job you're stressed about and are in a toxic relationship with a man who doesn't let you read those books you signed up to read cause he's not getting your attention and the books are.. you are waiting for everything to..... just.... go.... SPLAT! 

Which it did! It went splat... about 3 years ago and until late last year I hadn't read in quite a long time since The Intern Volumns by Brooke Cumberland which were with me through a bad breakup! I felt guilty finding joy and happiness in reading again but it felt soo good, the best feeling in the world clock watching until bedtime to take out my book and laugh, smile even cry at what I was reading! I discovered new to me author Mina Carter and since have read quite a few books of hers and cannot wait to read more! I started bookstramming last year regularly and have so many amazing accounts to follow that basically will brighten up anyones day!

At the minute I'm re-reading all of Paige Toons books back to back to get ahead of her latest release in May and the paperback which has been postponed due to the current position in the world, but I will definitely post the pre-order links up in a couple days and shout about the new release for everyone that will listen! 

Which brings me around to this post and the fact I'm hoping to blog about books again, interview some authors, take part in some weekly memes (are they still a thing?) and really throw myself into a bookish world! I've got my cat Ethan, my books and my laptop... let the journey begin! 

What are you currently reading? Let me know in the comments below!

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