Thoughts on: Disciplined by Lenore Ashwood

About the book:

$5,000 per “engagement”?!?

At that price, Anya can stay in med school, her late grandmother’s only wish.

Sex with strangers is still just sex. Right?

Wealthy Cavendish Club partner, Dimi, is ready to move on from the affluent escort service he helped build. His lifelong business dream is ready, and he’s itching to pull the trigger.

Then Anya shows up…

She’s the key to the Cavendish owners’ ultimate plan—a deadly game of revenge against a powerful, evil man.

Anya unlocks Dimi’s fierce protective nature. Instead of executing his business plan, he’s breaking every rule to keep her safe. Keep her close.

She’s the bait and the stakes rise with every “engagement.” How long can he protect her? How long will she let him?

Read Disciplined today! Find out if they’ll find a way to trust each other, or lose everything trying.

Welcome to Cavendish Club, a secret playground for billionaires where science and technology combine to fulfill tailor-made sensual fantasies. It’s also the place where one woman will seek the ultimate revenge.


3 Questions! 

1) Where do I sign up for Cavendish Club? 

2) Do I really have to wait to August for more? 

3) Where do I sign up to meet St Pierre? 

I devoured Disciplined and am so excited to follow the other characters as they navigate their way through the Cavendish Club as I don't think things are going to run smoothly. As soon as you read the first page the author has you hooked wanting to know more about this brand new desire filled world where luxury and glamour are all around. 

Rimi and Anya aren't your usual romantic characters as they don't believe in romance or feelings (torture for us readers when all we want is for them to be together) but the will they/won't they keeps us tapping the screen reading more and more! 

I hope we get to catch up with these two again and that they are able to fulfil their dreams together. I thoroughly enjoyed this book as it transports you away from where you are into a whole new world. PICK UP THIS BOOK! 

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What do you think of the book? Doesn't it sound AMAZING! Let me know what you think in the comments!

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