Thoughts on: Full Count by Kimberly Readnour

"I don't care how full his count is, I want my shot"

About the book: 

Garret Cartel.
Cessna University’s starting shortstop.
Painstakingly gorgeous.
Friend-zoned since freshman year.

I have a knack for falling for unattainable guys.
Blame my trust issues.
They keep me safe.

But this is our final year.
My last chance to break the dreaded friend-zone chains before graduation.
There’s one slight problem.

Every time we get close, Garret pulls away.

There’s a secretive side to him I haven’t tapped.
And I need to know.
Is it his secret keeping us apart,
Or something bigger?

No matter what holds him back,
I intend to play my part.
I don’t care how full his count is, I want my shot.
And I don’t intend to stop until he’s mine.


I received a copy of this book in exchange for n honest review. Inkstagram tour hosted by InkSlinger PR. 

From the very page I was sucked into this book and couldn't get enough turning the pages quicker each time. This is my very first book by this author but it most certainly won't be the last as it pulled at my heartstrings, made me fall in love, and ship the two characters. The twists and turns of this book keep us cheerleading Garret and Lexie on from start to finish.

From friends to lovers Garret and Lexie's relationship is put to the test many times leaving us with bated breath as we fall in love with these characters and their backstories which ignite a spark of hope in us for their future. Garret especially is probably one of the male characters I've ever thoroughly enjoyed reading about in a book, if even maybe the best. He is such a thoughtful, caring guy who is human and I would love to read more about him and his future. 


What do you think of Full Count? Does it sound like your kind of book? Let me know in the comments below!

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