Midnight Sun Release!

What started as an ordinary YA Vampire book grew into a worldwide phenomenon! I can remember the Twilight phase growing up, I had posters of Edward and Bella covering every surface of my walls the mini ones of the wolfpack and Jacob! My sister on the other hand had large Jacob! I was always Team Edward & Team Bella... okay Edward! 

Can anyone else remember finishing Breaking Dawn then going straight to Stephanie Meyers's website and reading Midnight sun till the early hours! Or was that just me? I used to read these books as a teenager with a torch hiding under my bed covers as not to wake my sister up from her constant snoring and finally after all these years and those Twilight memories we have Midnight Sun being released TODAY! 

Click HERE to buy in Hardback or HERE for Kindle. 

Will you be buying a copy? Or is the Twilight phase over for you? Let me know in the comments below! 


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